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You’re invited to The Triple Stitchers #monetaparty!

You’re invited to The Triple Stitchers #monetaparty!
You’re invited to The Triple Stitchers #monetaparty!


It’s official. I am doing it all again. After the amazing response and super excitement I had during 2015 #internationalannaparty (It took about a year for me to recover, I don’t know about you) it is time to announce #Monetaparty is happening!!!

This year I have teamed up with fellow midland based bloggers Rach Wain and Abigail Norton whose love of the Colette Moneta dress knows no boundaries. Seriously, together we must have enough of them to stock a very beautiful indie shop. We have formed a lovely trio called ‘The Triple Stitichers’!


If you joined me for the party in 2015, you will be familiar with how this works, but for those of you who are new to all this (you are most welcome) and for those who have forgotten, please have a good read of the rules so you know what this is all about.

This year there have been some changes to the way we are doing things – one of the biggest is that we’re not judging! YAY! We have put the judging into our sponsor’s and prize provider’s capable hands, which gives us more time for dancing. Prizes? oh! I guess you want to know more about that don’t you? Well, I am sorry. Right now you will have to wait for the full prize package, but we can all say that it’s pretty mega and I’m super sad I can’t enter!



A little hint of the way in which the fabric-tasting wind is blowing would be the first prize announcement. Like the last event, EVERYONE who shares the above invite graphic on Instagram during the given times will be in for the chance of winning A SPROUT PATTERN MONETA!!!! You heard it here first sewists! (or second if you’ve already joined me from Instagram…)

An actual dream come true? I am pretty sure we have all spent hours pouring over what creation we would like from Sprout and now is our chance. If you’ve not heard of them before then you NEED to check them out! Be warned though, you’re going to spend hours making 3D mock-ups of dresses you absolutely need to have.

Picture credit: @_mumbrum

Dress fabric for all dresses: Girl Charlee



#Monetaparty invite Repost prize draw rules

To be in with the chance of winning an @sproutpatterns Moneta dress, please do the following:

  1. Repost the official invite picture (at the top of this post) on Instagram using the hashtag #Monetaparty.
  2. Tag at least one other sewing friend so they are invited.
  3. In the comment section of your repost tag The Hosts, @sewpositivity, @rach_wain and @sewabigail so they see your entry.
  4. Follow @sproutpatterns
Invite Competition open internationally from now until Feb 22nd 11.59 GMT.  Public accounts only. Prize consists of store credit for one Colette Moneta X sprout pattern dress. No cash alternative or alternative patterns will be offered. Custom fees and shipping are the responsibility of the winner. Judges decision is final. Prize will be announced publicly on Instagram during the dates of the event. No accounts solely used for giveaways will be considered and the Prize providers have the right to withdraw or change offered prize without notice or reason. Hosts have the right to withdraw or cancel the event without reason.


Moneta Party dress prize draw Rules.

What is a Moneta Party?

It’s a party held on Instagram! You are all invited, no matter where you live – simply post a picture of your handmade ‘Colette Moneta Dress’ on your Instagram feed between Friday February 24th 18:00 GMT and Sunday February 26th 18:00 GMT 2017 using the hashtag #Monetaparty


I don’t use Instagram, can I still party?

I’m not one to stop anybody partying, but I’m afraid this is an Instagram kinda thing. Get on over there and join in!


How did this party come about?

In 2015 I turned 31 and really, really wanted to thank the sewing community for all the support they had shown me. I got together with my beautiful International friends Ute of @ute_ig and Pips of @magdalenesmuse and hosted a party everyone could come to. Nearly two years later I love the community even more so why not have an even bigger party?


Why the Moneta dress pattern?

When we, The Triple Stitchers first met, both Rach and Abigail were basically nose deep in amazing Monetas. They inspired me to make one and I’ve never looked back.

We also wanted to celebrate an Independent pattern company who we all appreciate and Colette are definitely that company! Holding your hands up and admitting you’ve made a mistake should be supported, so here we are!

We also needed a pattern that’s completely international and available to all sewers who want to join in, and as the Moneta is available as a PDF, it’s perfect!


Do I have to sew a New Moneta dress?

Absolutely not. You can post a picture of any Moneta you’ve already made, as long as you have made it. Of course we are giving you just over a month’s notice in case you haven’t ever made a Moneta or you want to make a new one.


I don’t have the pattern, where can I get the pattern.

The pattern is now available as a PDF from Colette patterns. Head over there and support them! It can also be purchased at many bricks and mortar shops around the world, AND if you have a seamworksmag subscription, don’t forget you can use your credits for Colette PDFs now too. Another way to get your grubby hands on one is to visit sprout patterns. There you can actually pick a seriously awesome design and have a custom print dress. Each purchase includes a PDF of the Moneta pattern too. You have no excuse!


I don’t want to sew a Moneta, can I enter with another dress?

Well, that wouldn’t really be a Moneta Party so this time only Colette Monetas will be eligible to enter for party prizes. But you can still party with us! We are happy for you to turn up in any dress you like for fun, and you can also repost the invitation for a chance to win a prize. There are two rules in the sewing community:

  1. “Do not use my fabric scissors on paper!”
  2. “No one gets left behind!”


My account is private, can I still enter?

Here at Moneta party HQ we understand the need for privacy. It’s your right to add and talk only to people you want and we don’t want to mess with that. Sadly if your account is private and even if you follow one, or all of the Hosts, the Independent Judge will not be able to see your entry and for that reason we are only allowing public accounts to enter that are visible between Thursday 12th January 18:00 BST and Sunday March 19th 23:59 BST 2017.


I have 20 Moneta’s. Can I enter 20 times?

To keep it fair to all party goers we are accepting only one entry per person.

You are very, very welcome to post as many pictures as you like of your Anna over the competition period (we love a good outtake) but your first picture will be the one that is  judged so keep that in mind.


My Moneta is not a straight Moneta. Can I still enter?

We love diversity and creativity! Not all bodies are the same and because of this you can enter Monetas that have had modifications for size for instance or other pattern pieces added like a different skirt, but the dress/playsuit/top MUST be recognizable as a Moneta and have at least the top or skirt part of the Moneta clearly visible.


Do I to wear my Moneta in the picture?

I know that sometimes selfies and pictures of one’s face can be stressful.  No, you do not have to be modeling your Moneta, but consider that the picture needs to appeal to the judge’s eye. We here at #monetaparty HQ would love to see some silly-themed, quirky and fun photos (as would all our guests) and we strongly encourage you to have fun with this. If you want to chop off your head in the picture (not literally please) that is fine.


I don’t follow any of the Party hosts, can I still enter?

Nobody likes being made to follow someone they don’t want to and we understand that. You do not have to be a friend of any of us on Instagram but if you like sewing (and what are you doing here if you don’t?) and find our feeds interesting we would love to make friends. Also there will be prize updates, and Moneta inspiration posts on @sewpositivity @sewabigail and @rach_wain over the month and you don’t want to miss that do you? This being said we will be asking for you to follow the sponsors as they have been so very generous with their support, and we all want another party don’t we? 🙂


I’ve been following the party and someone has entered my Moneta!

What a very naughty person! Please send @sewpositivity, @rach_wain or @sewabigail a direct message with a picture of your Moneta or link us to where they stole the image and we will remove their entry. We are only letting public accounts party with us to stop anyone stealing pictures and posting in private.
I put my Moneta picture up outside the specified time. What should I do?

Like all parties, you’ve got to have a start time and an end time. Otherwise life would just be one very long party, where we don’t get any sleep. If you submit a picture before the start time, please resubmit it during the specified times, otherwise you won’t be entered into the contest. If you miss the deadline, then I’m afraid it’s to late. Remember times are in GMT – check a time conversion site if you want the time that translates to where you live.
I heard there would be prizes?

You heard correctly!

There are two separate prize-giving events; The first being the #MonetaParty invite repost prize draw and the second being individual winners who post Monetas during the party.

The prizes are being finalized and the announcement will be made on Instagram throughout the weeks before the party starts.
If you have any questions or just want to express you excitement about joining in, please feel free to leave a comment below.  Let the planning begin!


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