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Guess the stitches and win! Instagram giveaway with Gutermann.

Guess the stitches and win! Instagram giveaway with Gutermann.
Guess the stitches and win! Instagram giveaway with Gutermann.

This weekend saw the return of English girl at home and The Foldline’s Sewing Weekender, and this year I was invited to bring my very much-loved Janome Memory Craft 500e along to give the weekender participants a taste of machine embroidery. When I say ‘Much loved’ I’ve taken to carrying this beast to bed with me, along with Waldo and my Canon 750D. I let Ed make his own way.



I started designing these ‘weekender logo’ badges on Janomes big daddy software called digitaliser way before the party got started with the idea that everyone could get to take away a memento, but also try and limit how long each person had. Believe me when I say that if I let you guys loose on this baby no one would have made any decisions by the end of Sunday. As it was the 8 sewing related icons that could be chosen from to go in the middle caused some Existential angst. (You know whom I’m talking about)



Although the rose gold handled scissor Icon I made as a sample proved to me very very popular, the designs could be made unique by choosing from the extensive colour range of Sulky rayon’s lovingly provided by the awesome humans at Gutermann.



Kate of The foldline being amazed as the Janome 500e does it’s thing.

I had a great time demonstrating, creating and mostly talking about how important sewing is to each of us. Even with the ‘limited’ choices I gave participants there was much creativity going on and as always I was left feeling inspired. (My machine is out and stitching as I write this)


Ring O roses Gutermann fabric bundle prizes

Although I am sad that only a limited number of peeps got to attend the Weekender I have brought the fun to you in the form of a GIVEAWAY. Now listen up, as this is a little complicated. I made 60 badges before the weekender leaving the centre area free for the participants to choose a logo. Over the weekend 42 icons were sewn onto the badges, ranging from scissors to pin cushions. I gave everyone the chance to have a stab at guessing how many stitchers my 500e would have done over the weekend, including the 60 badges prep I did to make the patches.


Badge prep demonstration. Thinking caps on!


The tally is in and I know the answer, but I am offering you guys the same opportunity. The person closest will win one of three ring o roses fabric bundles provided by Gutermann.  Whoop! Okay okay, I here you say ‘but we didn’t get to see the machine work, so no fair’. I hear you. So I am giving you an advantage.



To make 4 patches WITHOUT CENTRAL ICONS, it took 19,866 stitches. Bet you didn’t think it was that many, right? So you can do some basic maths here. I made 60 of these badges. I’m not going to give you any more clues. Not even what icons were used! Nope. This is over it you. To be in the chance of winning leave your guess on my instagram post with the picture used at the beginning of this post before 9pm friday and I’ll announce the winner of this and the Weekender winners on Saturday.



Boring bits. RULES

No private instagram accounts will be included.

Open to the UK residents only. People who attended The sewing Weekender are not eligible to enter this competition.

Only those who wrote there guess and name in the book during the weekender will be considered for the separate Weekender competition.

Competition open from now until 9pm Friday 11th August over on my instagram account.

No comments on here will be included into the draw, but feel free to chat. I can’t give you anymore clues mind you….

The person with the closest guess will get to choose one of the three fabric packs, with each winner in turn choosing. If two people leave the same guess the first person who commented will be the winner.

Prize has no cash value and no alterations to the prize will be offered. Although the upmost care will be taken any prize lost in the post no replacement can be offered.

Any account used solely or primarly for giveaways will not be entered.

Giveaway is not affliated with Instagram.

Good luck!

Machine: Janome Memory craft 500e. Threads: Gutermann. Giveaway provided by Gutermann.






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