Elle Harris

Sewcial Seamstress,Β  Mental Health Stigma challenger and slow fashion Advocate.

I am passionate about the idea that investing in yourself is key in creating a balanced mind and positive future.

I’ll be openly honest that I grew up shamelessly lusting after designer brands, buying more than I could ever use and not thinking about where the resources were coming from or the cause and effect of my habit. The first garment I made for myself changed the way I looked at mindless buying in a way that only making something from scratch could. Making my own was hard, time-consuming and needed me to engage my focus on something new.

As I have grown in my skills I have also gained a thorough appreciation for what sewing means to me. Sewing is my way of making a small difference to the bigger picture, but in doing so I have made a massive difference to the way I feel about myself.

Sewing has brought me confidence. Confidence in who I am and my ability to sustain a more positive life. Sewing has given me the chance to be part of a community of sewcialists who support change and each other.


Sew Positivity is a social platform where I can share with you a more in-depth view of the things that I have created, create dialogue about events and meet ups and advocate investing in your own skill set.

Buy with consideration, support independent and unique companies, get involved with the sewing community and purchase tools that will last over disposable flora and fauna.



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  • A finished garment?? What the deuce! πŸ˜‚ Here is my finished @sewessentialuk x @simplesewpatterns skater ball dress for @craftysewandso Dress makers ball!! You can read more about it over on @simplesewpatterns blog. Tickets for the event close today so make sure you snap them up.
On a side note I absolutely adored working with cardiz jersey from @sewessentialuk. It's got an absolute perfect handle. ❀️❀️❀️.
Fabric: red Cadiz jersey from @sewessentialuk. Pattern: skater dress @simplesewpatterns. Shoes and bag: @irregularchoice. Bow belt: tutorial @craftysewandso blog.
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  • @pilar_bear shared a picture of my first baby hat gift today. ❀️ This beautiful fabric was an off cut sent to me by the lovely @sweetlittlechickadee and I scraped a top out of it before using the tiny scraps to sew up this little hat. It's appropriate because @pilar_bear is hosting a restyle exchange over on her blog with @amynicolestudio. The Restyling Exchange is a global fashion swap connecting restylers all over the world to promote the value of refashioned clothing, deepen the online sewing & crafting community, and challenge your creativity. The deadline for signing up is tomorrow. For more info head over to pilar or Amy's blog.
#restylingexchange2017 #sewcialists #sewing
  • Well my decision to buy online without knowing if these two fabrics would work together paid off! πŸ€πŸ’šπŸ€ now to figure out what pattern to sew πŸ˜‘πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³ Why do I always leave things till the last hour? .
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  • Today's #makersforfashrev topic is 'one mans waste'. Although I'm not a great refashionista I try not to let any usable fabric get thrown out. These baby hats are made with off cuts and scrap fabrics. I make them for friends and family but recently started making tiny ones for premature babies to keep them warm. Although it's important  to make sure the fabric is  safe to use, I've now made over 50 of these hats from garments/fabrics that would have been otherwise thrown away. .
Fabrics from @girlcharleeuk and @higgsandhiggs 
@inthefolds #fashionrevolution #fashionrev #sustainablefashion #sustainablefashion #prematurebaby #babyhats
  • I'm very excited to announce that in two weeks time I'll be on the judging panel at #thedressmakersball ❀️ It will be an honor to sit amongst these awesome talented ladies, although I may be naked. Literally just ordered my fabric 😳.
There's only 3 days left to purchase tickets and spend a night hanging out with us so get your skates on!
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  • Pretty sure this @thatwendyward zip jacket will be the most comfy thing in my wardrobe ❀️ 🎿🐨🎿 ❀️. Finishing the Seams with bias binding is making the jacket really clean looking. Maybe I will wear it inside out πŸ˜‚.
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