Elle Harris

Sewcial Seamstress,  Mental Health Stigma challenger and slow fashion Advocate.

I am passionate about the idea that investing in yourself is key in creating a balanced mind and positive future.

I’ll be openly honest that I grew up shamelessly lusting after designer brands, buying more than I could ever use and not thinking about where the resources were coming from or the cause and effect of my habit. The first garment I made for myself changed the way I looked at mindless buying in a way that only making something from scratch could. Making my own was hard, time-consuming and needed me to engage my focus on something new.

As I have grown in my skills I have also gained a thorough appreciation for what sewing means to me. Sewing is my way of making a small difference to the bigger picture, but in doing so I have made a massive difference to the way I feel about myself.

Sewing has brought me confidence. Confidence in who I am and my ability to sustain a more positive life. Sewing has given me the chance to be part of a community of sewcialists who support change and each other.


Sew Positivity is a social platform where I can share with you a more in-depth view of the things that I have created, create dialogue about events and meet ups and advocate investing in your own skill set.

Buy with consideration, support independent and unique companies, get involved with the sewing community and purchase tools that will last over disposable flora and fauna.



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  • Although I missed the Birmingham meet up, today I've had a incredibly crafty day with @craftysooze ❤️. A trip to @fabriclanduk resulted in some rayon swan fabric for no idea what and some lightweight wool knit for a @grainlinestudio driftless (get me actually knowing what I'm sewing with something). A trip to @franklins_group resulted in a very much needed Bernina foot, needles and some silver Cleo buckles. Then a trip to @createescapeuk brought some lovely sewing chat and inspiration, finished off with purchases of the latest sewing magazines for browsing later ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
@thefoldline @lovesewingmag @sewnowmag @craftnetwork.
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  • I don't care what the weatherman says, if the weatherman says it's ☔️ MAKERS GONNA MAKE SPRING CLOTHES ANYWAY!!! Up on my table today, these beauties 💙 Amazingly soft cotton denim + holy grail jersey both from one of my very first resources for fabric @higgsandhiggs. I found them way back in 2006 on eBay and have loved them ever since.
#higgsandhiggs #sewist #sewing #sewcialist #sewingblogger
  • My @ercolfurniture transformation is nearly complete ❤️. Sneak peek! .
Fabric: @robertkaufman @suzyultman #suzysminis and grey cotton from @sewcraftyshop.
#sewingproject  #scdesignteam #sewist #llama #ercolfurniture
  • When you FaceTime your partner to laugh at how much make up you have on, and the camera man catches you 🙈. Today's @thatwendyward + @dressmakerssocial question 'craft' leaves me(pun intended) with only one major love other than sewing. Paper flowers. I absolutely adore making flower crowns + bouquets from paper that will last forever. I'm wearing a quick Christmas crown here, because I'm likely to fall asleep on them during Christmas 😂.
Dress fabric: @libertylondon from @abakhanfabrics.
Dress pattern: @simplesewpatterns boudoir dress.
#miymarch17 #memade #sewingcommunity #sewingblogger #simplesewbloggers #simplesewpatterns
  • Mega fat piping calls for special mega fat piping foot on my Bernina. She handled it like the pro she is. Really looking forward to sharing the finished project. I want to upholster all the things!.
@berninaag foot 12c from @frank_nutt_sewing_machines.
Fabrics both @sewcraftyshop.
#sewingcommunity #sewing #scdesignteam #llamas #sewingblogger #suzyultman
  • It's all about the community ❤️ you all probably get sick of hearing it but without you guys I'd be super lost. It's why I love organizing community parties and joining in with your amazing initiatives ❤️ Real life and online, you're the ones that I want!.
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