Elle Harris

Sewcial Seamstress,Β  Mental Health Stigma challenger and slow fashion Advocate.

I am passionate about the idea that investing in yourself is key in creating a balanced mind and positive future.

I’ll be openly honest that I grew up shamelessly lusting after designer brands, buying more than I could ever use and not thinking about where the resources were coming from or the cause and effect of my habit. The first garment I made for myself changed the way I looked at mindless buying in a way that only making something from scratch could. Making my own was hard, time-consuming and needed me to engage my focus on something new.

As I have grown in my skills I have also gained a thorough appreciation for what sewing means to me. Sewing is my way of making a small difference to the bigger picture, but in doing so I have made a massive difference to the way I feel about myself.

Sewing has brought me confidence. Confidence in who I am and my ability to sustain a more positive life. Sewing has given me the chance to be part of a community of sewcialists who support change and each other.


Sew Positivity is a social platform where I can share with you a more in-depth view of the things that I have created, create dialogue about events and meet ups and advocate investing in your own skill set.

Buy with consideration, support independent and unique companies, get involved with the sewing community and purchase tools that will last over disposable flora and fauna.



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  • Sneak peek of my @mccallpatternuk dress for the @eveappeal Sip and Sew initiative. I'm working with ALL THE tricky fabrics but bullied them into submission. Also thanks to the lovely Brenda of @vlieseline_uk I did away with stay stitching the neckline of my liquid satin (it usually distorts it) and used some of their staystitch interfacing! Worked an absolute treat... I'm 100% converted! Where can I get a whole roll guys? @vlieseline_uk 😍.

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  • For those of you who missed the sarcastic undertones in my last last, I DID NOT make that beautiful seahorse. That was all @englishtailoress work. I did however learn to how to lace up the frame and the fundamentals of tambour beading ❀️ @englishtailoress has a 3 day course running in London to learn how to create the seahorse. Anyone want to put me up? πŸ˜‚.
Apart from my tambour beading investment I made two sensible purchases that I needed. Some exquisitely heavy corduroy from @hollandandsherryapparel of Seville row and some green jersey (rach got the blue version) for a seasonal cardigan from @doughtysonline .
Loved seeing so many people over the weekend. ❀️
@thegbsblive #tambourembroidery #hollandandsherry
  • Today I've been learning tambour beading with the super talented @englishtailoress. Obviously this is what I made in 2 hours..... πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚.
Maybe my dream of a tambour beaded wedding dress are just dreams...
#gbsb @thegbsblive #tambourembroidery
  • You go to a sewing event and you end up only buying socks for your partner ... well, they are his favorite socks πŸ˜‚ first selfless sewing spend I think I've ever had!
@thegbsblive @community_clothing #communityclothing
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  • Doing the thing. Arriving super late today but I'm staying over tonight so I'll see you all Saturday! Anyone fancy meeting up for a hug before we all leave tomorrow? Thinking maybe at @thefoldline (stand F8) as it's near the entrance/exit. Nothing that gets in the way of workshops/shopping. Maybe around 4? Anyone up for it?
@thegbsblive #greatbritishsewingbee